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Why us

Society Maintenance and Accounting Service Mumbai

Accountancy Norms

Any accounting software tallies the accounts and provide final accounts and various accounting reports at click of the button, hence those doing the same are not called ACCOUNTANTS but DATA ENTRY OPERATORS because the software does everything, but at,COMPU ACCOUNTS we check the accounting norms of any entry for eg.Electrical Expenses posting would be done on the basis of the expense i.e. of Electrical Fitting would be posted to Asset and Electrical bulbs/ would be posted to expenses. Hence we go in detail before a RIGHT ENTRY is POSTED.

At Compu Accounts utmost care is taken at the time of entry which involves a procedure of internal audit for each entry.

Hence ACCOUNTING norms is one of the points which will help you in deciding your service provider.

Society Maintenance and Accounting Service Andheri


Accuracy is another point which we emphasise on. It is quite possible that at time of depositing cheques Flat no. C101 is mentioned as G101. FDR interest entries are mismatched. All such kind of entries are entered, checked and rechecked to eradicate any kind of ERROR and maintain accuracy.

Society Maintenance and Accounting Service Goregaon

Rules, Regulations

As we understand that as an Honorary Services provided by you good selves, you might not be aware of various rules and regulation brought in by the governing bodies from time to time, we will assist you in helping you cope with such changes.

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We think ahead of time…always

At a time when manual accounts exist, we entered

Now, still we are ahead of times..

(a) Society Administrators (Committee Members/Manager) can login and view all members ledger/ bills/receipts
Post notices/agenda/minutes on our website

b) Individual members can login and view all members ledger/bills/receipts, post their business / hobby activities which will be shared with other members.

We also send email to members for bills/receipts also send SMS services, Sharing of information help provide transparency, strengthens co-operation and gives confidence to the members in its elected managing committee.

Society Maintenance and Accounting Service Andheri


Last but not the least; we are always economical in our services rendered. You can always ask for a trial session with no obligation.

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“Time Bound”, this is what is we follow, whether it is billing, TDS returns, GST returns, Finalization, Income Tax returns, Updating on the website, everything is done ONTIME EVERTIME.